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CHINESE PALADIN SWORD AND FAIRY 6 Game Overview & Free Download

CHINESE PALADIN SWORD AND FAIRY 6 is the sixth part of the long running jrpg game which focuses on awesome strategic battle with amazing rpg mechanics. Available to download for free at free ocean of games.


 Game Overview

 Since the delivery of the historic god Shen Nong, the 9 springs of Jiuquan have anchored the Heavens and Earth. Each of the Jiuquan have supernatural powers, and every are a fountain of electricity and existence for the universe. In the War of the Three Tribes, the Beasts had been defeated by the coalition of Humans and Gods. The tribe of the Beasts retreated to the Demon World and given that then Gods, Demons and Men have lived in isolation. After the war, Shen Nong and the Jiuquan disappeared from the planet, and as time flowed on… the legend of the Jiuquan was dropped.Yue Jinzhao and Yue Qi get there in the West Side, seeking for one thing they experienced dropped — what they will locate alternatively is an historic mystery uncovered. Elsewhere, a gargantuan slumbering beast awakens in the sea — soaring to the skies, and bewildered at the voice in its head.

In the martial planet, factions wrestle for manage: True Martial Alliance, Risen Soul Saints, Hengdao Society and the demonic Piscis… who are the genuine masterminds driving the traps within just traps, the devious ideas and evil styles? Destinies will unfold and turn out to be undone, as sacrifices are made… in the celebration of existence.

Repack Features

  • Based on Chinese.Paladin.Sword.and.Fairy.6-SKIDROW ISO launch: sr-cpswordandfairy6.iso (12,675,645,440 bytes)
  • 100% Lossless &amp MD5 Perfect: all documents are similar to originals just after set up
  • Nothing at all ripped, Nothing at all re-encoded
  • Significantly scaled-down archive measurement (compressed from 11.eight to five.eight GB)
  • Installation usually takes 20-50 minutes (relying on your process)
  • After-set up integrity verify so you could make certain that anything put in effectively
  • HDD room just after set up: 21 GB (up to 31 GB all through set up)
  • Repack takes advantage of pUnity library by Razor12911
  • At the very least two GB of totally free RAM (inc. digital) demanded for setting up this repack



Updated: November 28, 2017 — 4:49 pm

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